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13 Reasons why you should care - am I my sister's keeper? Yes and yes again...
Santa Fe aftermath and breeding a generation with revenge in their hearts
Isle of Dogs - Dogs that know how to love...and oppressive governments
Breath a movie story - addictions and the hardwiring of the minds of children and youth by superficial virtual worlds
Isle of Dogs....emotional dogs, and humans with and without compassion...government agendas

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Young person...YOU WANT THE DREAM? - you have to discipline yourself!
So you have a special needs child? dont give up...(and podcast)
Girls - not the wizard - you have the power
ADHD overkill of Ritalin...drugging kids to make them resilient and compliant


A bad leadership at the fore...
a chance to change a life
a child's destiny
a delusion that will stunt your growth
A divergent.....not afraid to be different....
a false portrayal of christianity
A place of respite
A power to live in a frightening world
A secret wisdom
A society needs to look ater its people
Abuse - dont stay there
Academics in own worlds....
Accepting who your sons and daughters are
ADHD and ritalin - drugging kids to make them good
All knowledge with mankind....not so great...controlling other people
Allowing something else to control a child's mind
Alzheimers fall out
ambition will get you everything and nothing
Amphetamines in your life?
Anne Frank's father
Anorexia? how ironic
Another kingdom another way of thinking
Antidepressants and drugs
Anxiety and separation anxiety in children
Anxiety from childhood events
Are we more than material things?
autism - unnatural selection due to toxic environment
Babies that are born...
bad apples that spoil the rest ....leading a country
Bad childhood
bad relationships
bad things can happen to good people - that doesnt make you bad!
Be the hero
Becoming a fighter andconqueror...overcoming PTSD
Being christian....what you say what you do
Being accepted totally for who you are
Being free to be you
Being prepared for the journey....namely your life
Being strong, destiny, illusions
Being the hero
Being used and abused it shouldnt be
bonds of love that cannot be broken
Book Thief book signing and talk on resilience in families inthe best or worst of times
Boys doing good
Boys led astray or on track
Boys running in wrong directions...
Boys searching for truth
Brain chemicals - cocaines insidious hold
Breaking a persona - girls
Breaking down walls
Breaking free from chains of guilt
Breaking from wrong things
Breaking helplessness
breaking the curse of bad words
Breaking the negative things people say about you
Breaking the Princess mold for girls!
Bringing a child into the world...
Bringing down the giant
Bringing up children in a harsh world...Sofia Tolstoy
bringinging corrupt governements to justice and fighting battles
British spy women they are calling for...
Brothers without rivalry or working it better
building a foundatio in your life
Building life on deeper values
Building titanium in your soul
Building titanium strength into your life
Building your life on material things
burned by our past or by people
burning in themountains fires....
Burying our true selves...hurts will break out later....
butterfly - coming out of the cocoon
Caring about yourself....caring about others
Carrie and the bullies
Chandelier girls and where mothers stump evolution
Changing Circumstances that affect your life for good
Changing the loop - and putting a new tune in someone's life
Changing the your world with your dreams...
Child attachment is necessary for healthy child too
Childhood friends that understand you/religious pride killing the churches/endtimes attitudes
children resilience programmes
Children overcoming evil and enemies
children using guns....generational fear and teaching
Children who become the adults of the family
Children's imaginations and the scourge of technology
Children's malnourished imaginations....and C S Lewis
Choosing the way you want to go is your choice alone
Christchurch earthquake - when people tell lies it all falls down
Chronic attitude - you have to prove you are worth something?
Chronic fatigue syndrome, and falling apart from chasing success
Climbing mountains of ambition.....
close friends and attachment that sees us through lifestorms
Cocaine justa trick
Coming out of drug induced living
Coming out of the fires with special needs son
Coming out the cage and ruts in your life
Coming to terms with it not being perfect....the need to accept and to show compassion on each other
Connection with daughters
Conquest Everest
Cost of success
Couples, mothers, and babies...
Cracking under life stress and pain
Cure for neuro-disorders -Fragile x
dancers with ideas
Daughter of destiny....Corrie
dealing with fear and anxiety
Dealing with the past
Decent humanity that is lacking by government policies
Deciding to make the change....not staying the same as the others
Delinquent girls and do they get there?
Delusions and dopey mothers
demise of your destiny
depressed girls, and crying and the boomerang day
Depths of you
Desperate enough for your destiny
destiny, leadership, finding the plan for you
Developing the gifts in your life...motivated and shaped by childhood, friends, parents
Deviancy by governments that try to stop a man's destiny
Diagnosing kids with ADHD and ADD
Diamonds - what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
Different Intelligences
Direction for your life...
Discipline to get your dreams - cut off things that hold you back
Disconnection to life
Disillusioned man!
Doing the best you can in awful circumstances
Dont let the past stop you - your brain is plastic - plasticity is a fact now
Dreaming of paradise....
Drinking to take away the pain
Driven by need to prove self to yourself
Driven lifestyles
Drugs destroying your future
ecstasy no paradise at all
Emptiness in your life...
endurance for life and mountain peaks
Enslaved to addictions and emotions
environment and humans matter too
Escaping the madness of this present world
Evil cannot win - babadook movie (II blog)
existential men
Facing life battles....doing the next part of your life journey
Falling down like toy soldiers
Families need love to make it through
family ties that do not break if they are built with love
Father daughter bond
Fathers - what they need to be
Fathers teaching their life to daughters.....way underestimated
Fathers that are awful and need to change...
fear in the face of darkness....the maze
Feeling afraid....
Feeling out of control of your life from trauma
fighting battles in life like soldiers...
Fighting fear.....ptsd, soldiers, protecting minds
Fighting for your future - you are titanium - young men
Fighting through to reach your goals ....the good fight
Filling the empty cup
filthy rags of actually helping someone you see in need
Finding a few more good men like Tolstoy
finding and sticking to the right path for your life
Finding direction for your life....
finding ourselves from our childhoods
Finding personal redemption
Finding strength when you are weak....
Finding the hero within
Finding the power to live when things get hard
Finding the real you
Finding your way in present life and The inside out movie psychology
Finding your way in the world today
Finding yourself in the battles
Finding yourself in the wilds....
fires and triggers of trauma
Fitting together....the need for love to survive todays world
Focusing for your vision
Forgetting about human beings
Forgiveness - letting go of self-blame
forgiving when you have the chance
Freedom from oppression a human right
Freedom of expression...for men andwomen....
Freedom to think a different way...
Freeedom from a cage...
friendships help each other out of emotional prisons
From Slavery to purpose
Fulfilling your destiny and purpose
Gaining the world you lose
Getthing through the hard times like water cutting rock
Getting through the floods
Getting through the terrible times....thepower of kindness andlove
Giant slayer in the making
Gifts andd destiny
Girl facing herself
Girl going for it with their lives...
Girl in confusion over love
Girl with a gift....
Girls and love with aperson or material things
Girls being heroes
Girls choosing to be with damagedmen...need to escape....
Girls drink too much
Girls name calling
Girls name calling syndrome
Girls need to learn...
Girls put down by mothers favouring boys
Girls rising up
Girls self opinions
Girls self-confidence works by words and friends for good or for bad
girls standing together
Girls swinging on chandeliers
Girls who aim higher....not held by society's aims
Girls who do something with their lives....
Girls who want to do something with their lives....hidden potencial
Girls who work hard...taking time for their own dreams
girls you are more than a body
Giving people a secondchance to change
Globalizatiion the demise of the nations and lack of humanity
Go West young man! or go East!
going through life and adversity with resilience
Going through seasons...and young people who want to die...
Going through your own deserts - and the movie tracks
Going towards a new future, forgetting the past
Good cops and changing your life
Good or bad connections?
gossiping lying girls
Great Expectations - what did you expect?
Greatness in adversity
greed in families
Growing up/mothers/nannies and the need tohelp the poor
Hanging on in the hard times - we have each other
hardened to the needs of others....until it happens to us...the human nature...
hardshiip and adversity
Healing deep inside
Heaven inthe eyes of a little boy
helplessness powerless
Hemmed in by terrible circumstances....drowning inthe sea of life
Heroin...a fatal trip
Hobbit movie and NewZealand
Hope for a brighter day
Humans hurting their own habitat and the animals...
Hurting our planet
if you are different your destiny
Imagery of theone who fights for us....calling out we are heard...
Impact of divorce on children and young people
In love in cyberland
In space but still human facing losses
irrational thinking and actions under extreme stress
IrrATIONAL thoughts and decisions
its a father child reunion
Keats...the poet's resilience and hard times
Keeping our young from the teaching of wolves
Keeping your mind in adversity and hard to cope
Killing Hating Loving from a distance....our clinical efficient society
killing the earth with human activities to get petroleumproducts
Kindness to pick each other up....
Last Paradise movie Premier Randwick Sydney 2014
Learning to fight your battles
Learning to fight your way through
Lectueres who lack compassion
Les Miserables, young mothers
Letting go of the negatives that stop you running your race
life and death still have a plan
Life is like a hard walk and you need endurance
little girl lost
little girls crying
Little girls view
Little girls who grow up too soon
live for today
Live life to the full and dont waste it...
Living in an oppressed time
Living with someone else's disorder...
Look after children's minds and hearts
Looking after each other...regardless of cultures
Looking for love with the wrong men
Looking for paradise in dance
Losing our young men....losing their own futures
Lost at sea in life...
Lost paradise for our young...
Love and corrupt religions
Love and discipline -brings resilience and emotional regulation
Love beyond the religious living
Love does not control...
Love in a time of oppression and adversity Video blog
love in families, and society
Love no judgement in our hard times.....we are like soldiers in battle
Love seeing you through the hardships and losses
Love that protects and breaks throughlies....
Love triangles/tolkien's stories andlife
Loving other people
loving people more than your possessions
loving things more than people
Machines that think and man
Made of steel - heart of compassion
making an optimistic child like Annie....
Making the choice tolove or hate - good men bad men
Making things right with someone else
maladaptive thinking
Malice is mental murder
Man's hegemonic ideals in societies
marijuna's mimicry
Material children - lost and alone
Media bringing depression and wrong teaching/ whats real anymore?
Media images
Media molding their minds
Media possession of minds
Media violence
Media violence, - cause and effect....
men and boys in war
Men giving the end
Men in trauma/ theneed to care about someone else
men lesser than the gods
Men standing up for freedom
Mercy and grace vs Law and retribution
Misguided Teens in Bling Ring movie (2nd blog)
Mixing your drugs
Money cant buy the best things in life...
More about butterlies - growing, moving
More than matter....finding your purpose matters more
Moses the man and the movie of challenge...
Mother daughter power play
mother father sister brother
mother stereotypes missing it
Mothers Fathers lost girls and boys
mothers angst agains daughters (II)
mothers building resilience in daughters
mothers daughters
mothers daughters mothers sons
Mothers defending daughters from bullies
Mothers raising daughters...
Mothers stumping evolution
mothers who miss it
Mothers who spend time with their children - Sophia Tolstoy's legacy
Movie and reflections on desire ...Amy Winehouse
Music's own power
New Muso - Nils Frahm
New ZEalanders losing their habitat?
no one perfect ....the need to help eachother
No paradise in drugs
no place like home
Noah the movie and noah the man - endtimes warning?
Not just about you anymore...the need to grow up from selfishness....
Not keeping your worries inside...
Not letting fear grip your terrible times
overcoming the obstacles and fighting through...
Paradise, hard times and hermit crabs
Parenting - two year olds
Parents and autistic children who die in hopelessness
Parents and children/young people
Parents creating their own children's problems
Parents who control and children who must be perfect
Party girls
Partying and procrastination....and babies who grow up
Past friendships and girls lives...
Peer pressure in school and inthe adult world
People turning on each other when they could have helped....
People under guise get exposed
People who hatesuffering
plastics, autism, adhd
poor man rich man - jumping the gap
Possible to change your life? Yes...
power for you....strength out of brokenness
Powerplay in people and nations
preventing a disasterous life for young men
Primed by Hollywood...youth and children...
Prisoners and revenge or mercy?
projects, ideas, planting seeds - your plans...
Protecting the planet...not destroying it...Standup...
protecting your environment and your people
Psychological pain and suicide
PTSD - we can help each other
Raising your daughters
Reaching for the Power to survive - the finger of God
Real life and movies interchange
real world/ fake world
recognising the times we live in...
Refusing to validate someone else's pain
Regrets and coming to terms with the past
relative deprivation - money and the trappings...
religious parents and the lack of love/ where is the freedom
remember the prisoner as if you were one - gospels
remember the prisoners
resilience used wrongly, and resistance makes you stronger
Responsiblity and accountability for your young
Rewriting your life...Linda Bidabe's triumphs....challenging the status quo
Rich but poor
Rising to fight
Risingup on the inside
robot you are ir robots you make
Romance in war or not in reality
running the race
Saving the planet...
Searching for love...beyond the looks...
Searching for paradise....
Seeing Justice must persist
Self-confidence and self-belief in girls....time to rise
self-harm needs to be addressed...
Selfish ambition where love should have been...using what you have for good....
Setting a possum freefrom my roof
Single mothers and children...
Slavery you choose or dont choose....
social media, texting, facebook perils
Society in the 70s thepromise of things to come
Special child
standing up against thedarkness of evil men
Standing up for the Human Race
Standing up like a fight the fight
Standing up to have responsibility
standing up when bad things happen
Stepping out from theold structures....and into new paths
Stepping out from your comfort zones
Stepping out with your life and doing something great
Stepping up to fight for what is right
Strength out of weakness
Stronger to take the knocks - children
Suicide amongst girls
Survival of the species ....the boyhood movie, adolescence and divorce effects on aboys lifetime
taking up challenges while you are young...
taking up you destiny
Taking up your future...letting go of the past
Talking to our the middle of turmoil....language
teaching children the right way to go....attitudes...values
teaching that works for children...
teaching them not to be violent...
Teaching your daughters before they are out of control!
Teen girls spoilt and lost
teenagers still need their parents
Terrorist tragedy in Sydneynow inParis....protect your city
The "Y" Generation - savvy but lost
the age of conquests and the greatest of all
the artificial world we created for our young
the bullies and unforgiven
The commodifying of ourselves in the West our own demise
The country that lost its longer christian
The crying girl
The demise of desire that brings you down
The demise of selling your soul...
the demise of too many guns in a society
the emancipation of girls from the rules around them
the endurance of the monarch superbutterflys
The fathers girls needed
the freedom express yourself and to change your life
The future of the planet
the games of relationships/the need for empathy
The heart you have
The Host and Girls helping/protecting each other
The hunt - girls who spread lies and gossip
The kingdom...and the power...where is it?
the lower position of motherhood/using nannies
The lying heart...
The meaning of life...
The money trap
The need for families in nations....
the need for christians to change or lose the spiritual battle...
The need for compassion
The need for freedom to grow and to love
the need for grandparents who care andwho are there...
The need to be free to fly
the need to do your dreams...and be what you want to be
the need to stand and resist corruption in our governments
the need to tell the truth
The need to wake up....and see whats happening/ resting/ building reserves of strength
The past present and future of the world
The point of rain....
The power of dancing and NZ culture
The power of kindness
The power of the fathe daughter bond
the power of the father daughter bond
The power of words /the oppression of Hitler
The quest for illusion
the reasons man kills
The requirements of a man's life
the sci fi portrayals of science dreams of progress
the sibling effect.....ripples out through your family
The sibling influence and the fairy tale influence
the suicide of girls
the survival of a people
the things that shape your life....families allmessed up
The ultimate ina dark world
the watchmen need to be alert
The winding down of the Planet
Thetreasure in you and PTSD
Threat of middleclass comfort vs terrorism innz
Times of need....we have to go through on our knees
Too many mothering girls who spoil boys....
training and teamwork
transecendent - the movie - the reality and the need for relationships
Trapped by your culture....set yourself free
Tribute to love and kindness....of a young man
troubled times....and choosing sides
True Love rising out of adversity and difference
True to yourself no matter what
truth, loss, sorrow and repression...inwarandafter war/ and normal life
turning the tables on trauma and loss
unbroken circle....the movie and the message
Under attack and running for cover but standing strong
Unjust trials/politics/ and truth who wins?
Use the gifts you were born with...
Use your brain
Using your gift - Diaghilev's achievements
Using your gift....and building children's imaginations
Using your gifts to help someone else
Using your life for good after all the hard experiences
Using your talent/ stopping the bullies
Valleys, depression, helping others
Valuing the real things in life...
Wanting envying....
Wasting your future on the drink....
Wasting your life because of other people
Wasting your life because of other people - young boys young men
Wasting your life or turning it around?.....and Tolstoy's course...of life
wasting your life?
What daughters really want....empathy and compassion toward your own children...
What dreams are made of
What Girls Want
What parents do or dont do.....creates a delinquent or not
What parents expect and what sons and daughters need
What people say and what people do are two different things... priorities that need adjusting
What the kids learn...
What words do to you....
When bad things happen...
When fear is used to control people and countries...
When girls should be more than they limit themselves to...breaking out of traps
When great men stand up for good and not evil....
when kingdoms clash
When my father died..
When the world is a bad place...we must hold each others hand
when they kill themselves
Whenthe love runs dry....forgetting what is important
Whenyou are alone - finding new direction foryour life
WHO CARES/ ? the negative repercussions on the genes of children's brains...
Why does he hatehimself?
Why dont we help each others ....breaking bad middle class selfish tendencies
Wishing on a star
Women and men in power relations and ptsd
women who stand up and fight...and the ethics of drug testing in pooerer countries
women who wont be all they could be....settling for a 'safe' life
Words - delete dont accept the bad ones...
working toward life goals - achieving your dreams
world changes/ climate changes/we need resilience for...
Wrong sacrifices - and children in blended families
You have the power - finding life fulfilment
Young girls in love with the wrong people...
Young girlslost...families broken...preoccupiedmothers
Young men running away....
Young men today....wasting it all
Young mother
Your city worth fighting for....
Your gripping purpose - setting fire to rain
Your life costs and losses
Your parents your past
youth can change the world present and future
youth in multicultural society
Youth lured into violent religious battles
Youth of the nation, calling, crying...
Youth rise to good or bad....
Youth running away to fight not understanding the consequences
Youth running into the darkness
Youth who are lost in technology
zombies, love, appreciating life


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My Blog

So you have a special needs child? dont give up...(and podcast)

SO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD....?.Hang in there with me

"Sometimes it takes a different kind of love to raise a child
so dont give up
when pressures come down
sometimes it takes a different kind of dream to make you smile
so raise it up...hang in there with me
sometimes we need another helping hand to show the way
So dont give up ...
when pressures come down
sometimes it seems impossible so thats why we pray...we pray..."
(August rush soundtrack)

....After the heartache of finding out your child has a disorder or something wrong or something genetic - its ok you will be alright but it takes alot of work and it's a heavy mountain to climb. It's not the end of the world, yet it is the end of certain expectations we held for our son or daughter.

You are living at the high end of the stress scale now - but hang in there with me - I am there too...

Mild, moderate, severe whatever labels they give it, you have to deal with much stress to do with helping your child, early intervention, therapy, doctors visits, pediatricians. Whichever which way you turn - its not easy.

I want you to know there is still hope and not to give up - there were be highs and lows on this path with your child - but hang in there with me I am on the same road. Many things go through the fire but this kind of fire only the real gold lasts in your life. This kind of trial for your life will yield lasting character for you that is forever - you will find purpose for your life yes even with this to go through. I want you to know I have been there and i am still here and I am here for you....


Whatever happens, you have to look after you and love yourself and help yourself climb this road of adversity they you are on whether you chose it or not. As you do you will find direction for you life and people that you never would have found on any other road. Those who are shallow people will dissolve from your life - those who are real and deeper will stick with you and isn't that always better anyway? Everybody goes through adversity or hard times - dont put yourself down for it, other people will go through their own adversity one day - this is yours now.

     Your child is precious and wonderful love him or her and find the gold in the moments you raise them.
     I am with you in this - Parents you basically need more respite and rest than other parents and our society needs to provide this. Meanwhile let us help each other to keep going and help our child...

     Support and care is needed for you, and you need to look for it, dont knock back any help. You will need all the help you can get and all the reserves of emotional resources and love to help you go on, and even spiritual reserves. You need it all.

      One day you will be able to help someone else through their own adversity whether it is the same or completely different. Your adversity is in dealing with the pressure to do the right things, other people's uncaring or lack of understanding and the stress of all the work you have to do for your child.

     If you are on your own - that is another stress, along with money stress - but you will be ok. Lets break down these walls. Give your all and hang in there with me.

      It takes a deeper kind of love to love a special child or any child -from deep inside I know you will find it..... dont give up even though it feels so hard - there are still dreams for you to go for...

all my love
Anndrea x

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